Back, Neck, Shoulder                 55 / 75

Relieve soreness and relaxes tired muscles, Breaking down and releasing muscular spasms and knots. 30 minutes or 45 minutes.


Swedish Massage                      85 / 130

Induces relaxation, relaxes tired muscles and improves circulation. The Perfect antidote for stress.  55 minutes or 85 minutes.


Oriental Massage                      105 / 150

Invigorating Indian Massage. This is a head to toe treatment covering all areas of the body, including the Indian head massage. Promotes a sense of relaxation and renewed energy Level. 

70 minutes or 90 minutes

Aroma Massage                                 95

Uses much lighter flowing massage moves, enabling the body to absorb the essential oils that have been especially blended for your needs.55 minutes.

The Ultimate R &R                             195

This massage has a handfull of fantastic benifits. Improved circulation, relaxes and refreshes tired and sore muscles and promotes full body well being. This long massage gives the therapist more time to work on each part of your body for total relaxation of body, mind & soul.

*A spa favorite. 2 hours.

Deep Tissue Massage                95 / 140

Specializes in working deeply into your problem areas to break away tense and fibrous soft tissue. Warm flowing strokes are combined with deep specific friction, building up pressure slowly according to the client’s needs. 55 minutes or 85 minutes. 

Aromatic Head Massage                     50

Indian Head Massage has been practiced for hundreds of years in India as a form of reducing stress, tension headaches and improving circulation. 30 minutes.

Thai Massage                           130 / 150

Thai Massage is an extraordinary method of aligning the energies of the body with the combination of stretching, massage, acupressure etc. The benefits include opening of the meridians and blocked areas of the body, accelerate blood and lymph circulation and improves flexibility. 75 minutes or 90 minutes


Hot Stone Massage                120 / 155

We use warm, smooth stones to relax tense and sore muscles. 70 minutes or 90 minutes

Ayurvedic Massage                 120 / 155

A totally holistic approach to treating the individual using specialized herbal oils. Boost circulation and strengthens the immune system. Customized warm healing oil is applied to your entire body with a unique massage method that stimulates lymphatic drainage to help remove toxins. 70 minutes or 90 minutes. 

Deep Cleansing Facial                       85

An amazing treatment that includes customized cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masque, hydration and protection. Feel like royalty while we pamper you! 55 minutes. 


Anti-Defying Neem Leaf Facial          85

Neem has an anti-ageing and detoxifying effect that clarify and detoxify the skin, leaving a smooth, clear complexion. 55 minutes.


Aloe Facial                                           85

Local Aloe combined with essential oils and hydrating moisturizers sooths, restores and re-hydrates sun burned skin.  55 minutes.

Gentleman’s Facial                             85

A nourishing facial formulated for men. Includes cleansing, hot towels, exfoliation and a skin smoothing mask to make the face look and feel younger. 55 minutes.

De-Aging Body Wrap                         120

A must have for the experience of spa-ing (oh dahling, I'm getting a mud wrap!).   Draws out impurities and stimulates circulation. You skin will be nice and smooth. 70 minutes.

Caribbean Body Scrub             105 / 145

Total body exfoliation until your skin is nice and luscious! Followed by a light moisturizing massage. 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

Myoxy Caviar Facial                       $110

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and more! Imagine what amazing results can yield from this powerful treatment. 60 minutes.

Island Cooler (3 - in - 1)                   155

An invigorating scrub using natural sea salt from Salt Island, then the body is rehydrated using freshly picked aloe prepared with essential oils in a soothing body wrap. The wrap is removed and the body receives a mild massage.  90 minutes.

AloeWrap                                          105

This uses locally grown aloe combined with essential oils and moisturizers which soothe, restore and re-hydrate skin, leaving it satin, silky smooth. Helps in sunburnt skin.  60 minutes.

Detox Sea Algae Body Wrap         120

Seaweed body wraps cleanse and detoxify the body making it an excellent herbal skin care treatment. The skin absorbs the minerals that are essential for restoring its tone and vitality. General seaweed body wrap applications would be for cellulite, connective tissue debility with water retention, slackened dermal tissue after pregnancy and after intensive slimming treatment  75 minutes.

Spa Manicure                                           35
Deluxe Manicure                                      45
Spa Pedicure                                            45
Pedicure + Foot Reflexology                   65

Eyebrow Threading                                  15 
Top Lip Waxing                                         12
Under Arms Waxing                                  15
Chin Waxing                                             15+
Bikini Line Waxing                                   25+ 
Half Leg Waxing                                       40

¾ Leg Waxing                                          50
Full Leg Waxing                                        65
Half Arms Waxing                                     35
Full Arms Waxing                                      50
Brazilian Waxing                                       60
Back/Chest Waxing                                  60


The cost for all on location services is a simple $15 addition to our regularly priced menu. 

Both Serenity and Amara Spas offer on location services. We offer many of our most popular massages, facials, yoga and more. Enjoy treatments and magical massages using artisanal products manufactured exclusively on the island; in the privacy of your room, on your shaded terrace, or on the sandy beach in Tortola, lulled by the sound of lapping waves whilst overlooking the turquoise blue sea.


The secrets within our spa treatments lie in the use of perfectly natural ingredients combined with expert techniques and all in order to achieve harmony and the soothing of the senses.

Having a dedicated spa or fitness professional on board or in the comfport of your room is a luxury that will delight and relax you. Our therapists focus on your wellbeing and relaxation, ensuring that you feel utterly pampered.



Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Thai massage, Myofascial Release, Pregnancy massage, Indian Head massage.



Manicures, pedicures, facials, body wraps and scrubs, hair and make-up.


Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, partner yoga. 


Acupunture,  Reflexology.



Wellbeing coaching, Ayurveda.

One to One Yoga Session                 45

A personalized session tailor-made to your needs, for improving circulation, improve joint flexibility, and to promote physical & mental wellness. 60 minutes *Priced per person


Group Yoga Session                          20

Designed to bring both strength and flexibility to your spine as well as an over-all state of balance to the body and mind. 60 minutes *Priced per person


Shirodhara                          Call for price

This renowned massage treatment, based on the Indian Ayurveda concept, is deeply relaxing. The treatment includes warm oil being poured onto the forehead, gently running through the hair for ultimate relaxation. The Marma point massage on the face, neck and upper chest relaxes tense muscles and creates a feeling of calm. 

Acupuncture 1 Session                     60

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine modality that is used to bring the body to "homeostasis" or balance. When the body is in balance, it is most capable of warding off infection and disease. One's well-being goes  far beyond acute or chronic illness. Although, we often ignore our health until it is compromised, it is important to recognize the steps that need to be taken in order to keep our mind, body and soul healthy.

Serenity and Amara Spas have incorporated acupuncture into our menu to allow you to experience the extremely healing effects of acupuncture in an incredible relaxing surrounding. Serenity Spa believes strongly in Chinese medicine and advocates the experience of acupuncture to our clients who are searching for optimal health, wellness, balance and renewal. 30 minutes.

Sauna Sessions

15 minute session                                25

30 minute session                               35

Set of 10 sauna sessions                  300

Sauna Upgrades

15 min Scalp massage                        25

Reiki                                  Price Varies

Pronounced [ray-key], is an ancient Japanese form of healing touch. Your therapist's goal is to channel Reiki, "universal life energy", for the purpose of balancing your mind, body and spirit. This is a form of energy work, in which your therapist places his or her hands on or above various energy points, as well as on individual body parts. A typical session will last about an hour, but will vary depending on your particular needs.


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We are a spa group that consists of three locations. Prana Spa in St. Thomas, Serenity and Amara Spas in Tortola. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and quality products.





MINI ESCAPE                                     175

2 hrs  /  1 hr Ayurvedic massage and 1hr-facial 


FULL RADIANCE                               225

2 hrs 30 min  /  1 hr massage, 1hr facial & Foot Reflexology

TRANQUIL FLOW                            185

2 hrs   Mini Massage, 1 hr facial & 30 min Foot Reflexology 



PERFECT BALANCE                        199

2 hrs  /  Anti-Ageing facial, Detox Body Wrap

SPA SAMPLER                                225

2 hrs  /  1/2 hr. massage, Body Polish, 1hr Facial

BODY BLISS                                     250

2 hrs 30min  / Silky Skin scrub, massage, Detox Body wrap 


STRESS BUSTER                              245

3 hrs  /  Ayurvedic massage, Neem facial, Pedicure