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One to One Yoga Session - 45

A personalized session tailor-made to your needs, for improving circulation, improve joint flexibility, and to promote physical & mental wellness. 60 minutes *Priced per person

Group Yoga Session - 20

Designed to bring both strength and flexibility to your spine as well as an over-all state of balance to the body and mind. 60 minutes *Priced per person

Shirodhara - Call for price

This renowned massage treatment, based on the Indian Ayurveda concept, is deeply relaxing. The treatment includes warm oil being poured onto the forehead, gently running through the hair for ultimate relaxation. The Marma point massage on the face, neck and upper chest relaxes tense muscles and creates a feeling of calm.

Acupuncture 1 Session 60

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine modality that is used to bring the body to "homeostasis" or balance. When the body is in balance, it is most capable of warding off infection and disease. One's well-being goes  far beyond acute or chronic illness. Although, we often ignore our health until it is compromised, it is important to recognize the steps that need to be taken in order to keep our mind, body and soul healthy.

​Serenity and Amara Spas have incorporated acupuncture into our menu to allow you to experience the extremely healing effects of acupuncture in an incredible relaxing surrounding. Serenity Spa believes strongly in Chinese medicine and advocates the experience of acupuncture to our clients who are searching for optimal health, wellness, balance and renewal. 30 minutes.

Reiki - Price Varies

Pronounced [ray-key], is an ancient Japanese form of healing touch. Your therapist's goal is to channel Reiki, "universal life energy", for the purpose of balancing your mind, body and spirit. This is a form of energy work, in which your therapist places his or her hands on or above various energy points, as well as on individual body parts. A typical session will last about an hour, but will vary depending on your particular needs.

Sauna Sessions

15 minute session
30 minute session
Set of 10 sauna sessions


Sauna Upgrades


15 min Scalp massage

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